@urbanubiquity: Here’s some iconic ads for De La Soul’s first album, 3 Feet High And Rising. “The Sergeant Pepper’s of the 80s”… far from being redundant, this definition literally depicts what gust of new fresh wind Posdnous, Trugoy & Dave the Dove were for late 1980s rap, full of Roland 808 sounds and, basically, not much of a continuous boom bap with few rhytmic and melodic variants. Their brand new rhymes, the groundbreaking use they made of samples and the way they cut and pasted them (Maseo, aka Dave, was and still is one of the acknowledged masters of turntablism – hats off!) granted this record (as well as the subsequent ones) the title of a pivotal production, opening the way to the so called “new school”, who these guys, alongside the Native Tongues posse (A Tribe Called Quest, Jungle Brothers, Monie Love) turned into the well known “D.a.i.s.y. age”.
The first two ads are shown in the main and alternate version (the former, naming U2, is a little more common than the latter, naming Prince… they’re both funny anyway!); the third one must probably come from UK, as this time Margaret Thatcher features on the promotional comparison (and it still looks so contemporary…).
Happy birthday 3 Feet High And Rising! Thank you De La Soul!

Aha thanks! These are so dope! 


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