Can’t get enough of your blog

Thank you!!! Much love✌🏾️


*clears throat* … “FIRST OFF fuck your bitch and the clique you claim !!…”

Sample of the day! (diss track edition)

Tupac – ‘Hit ‘Em Up’, sampled from Dennis Edwards – ‘Don’t Look any Further’.

Hey do you mind checking out Children of the Corn? Rap group from Harlem that never was due to the death of key members Big L & Bloodshed. Also check out Half a Mill another great fallen mc from NY

Yeah sure, doing so now. Nice to hear young Cam’ron and Mase, they were raw af and from their rhymes and cadence, you could tell they were heavily influenced by Big L *lol i didn’t know Mase had that in him* :/. Its a shame the group didn’t survive, they were truly frightening. Half a Mill had raw talent, kinda seems like a mixture between AZ, Nas and Big L, he seemed v. enlightened – a lyrical beast, shame what happened to him. I’ll be listening to them more, big ups for putting me on.